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Auf Wiedersehen, Pet was a British TV program about 7 British migrant construction workers, the seires began in 1983 and continued on to 2004 where the program ended with two special one off epsiodes. It was during the third series that MSD was asked by the BBC to be involved in some of the filming at the transporter bridge in Middlesbrough, MSD cranes and operatives were use in the filming of several episodes of series three.

The series three plot was about the moving of Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge to the Far east, the filming and success lead to the BBC having to put a statement on the final episode stating that the Transporter Bridge had not really been moved and it was just a fictional show.

The MSD cranes can be seen in this video, and we've added some images below.

One of the best shots of a MSD crane was in this video. We still have the same contact number so give us a call on 07760247365 today.